ASSIA has tried to compile several items in its Resources section of the web site to provide our customers, partners, investors and the press additional information about the technology, products and market trends.  Below is a summary of what is available with a link to a dedicated page for addition information:

ASSIA Product Literature – Available product literature on all our products to bring reliable fast  broadband and Wi-Fi to the home

Customer Results – ASSIA carefully measures customer results both during trials and in subsequent deployments. Specific service provider benefits include reduction in calls, dispatches, and churn as well as service reach and speed.

White Papers – Numerous white paper created by ASSIA addressing ultra-fast broadband, virtualization, software defined access networks, smart vectors and other topics.

Blogs – Frequently posted topical blogs by many different authors ranging from how networks impact the environment, to machine learning, to customer care centers, to key customer deployments and the growing challenges with Wi-Fi.  We call it Blog Wednesday.

Video – Growing video library covering ASSIA products, customer/partners presentations, technology and the company.

Industry Articles – Covering topics that we believe will be of interest to our customers and partners.  In some cases, ASSIA was a contributor and in others, we just believed there was value in providing the source.

Industry Research – Primarily IEEE papers related to topics of interest to our customers and partners.  Most have been published.

Broadband and Wi-Fi Technologies – Additional Information on ADSL, Vectoring,,, Hybrid Fiber/Coax, Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH), Terabit DSL and more.

Press Resource Center – Resource for editors, writers and analysts to provide additional information and resources when covering a story on ASSIA and its market leading broadband and Wi-Fi management software products.