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Roadmap to Terabit DSLs (Digital Subscriber Lines to Waveguides)

ASSIA, Inc: John Cioffi Professor Emeritus, Stanford EE (CEO/COB), Ken Kerpez (Sr. Director, Standards), Chan Soo Hwang (Sr. Director R&D(, and Ioannis Kanellakopoulos (Consulting CTO)
June 2018

WiFi’s evolving role in IoT

May 11, 2017

Fixed Access Network Sharings

Kenneth J. Kerpez, John M. Cioffi, Peter J. Silverman, Bruno Cornaglia, and Gavin Young
March 2017

The effects of vectored DSL on network operations ( PDF )

Journal of Telecommunications Management
July 2010

Ergodic Spectrum Management

Invited paper, IEEE Transactions on Communications to be published 2020.

J.M. Cioffi, Chan Soo Hwang, Ken Kerpez

Statistical Modeling of PLC-to-DSL Interference

IEEE Int. Symp. on Power Line Commun. (ISPLC), Austin, TX – March 2015 (Best Paper Award Winner)

S. Galli, K.J. Kerpez, H. Mariotte, F. Moulin

The Impact of PLC-to-DSL Interference on VDSL2, Vectored VDSL2 and

IEEE Int. Symp. on Power Line Commun. (ISPLC), Austin, TX – March 2015

K.J. Kerpez, S. Galli, H. Mariotte, F. Moulin



Software-Defined Access Networks (SDAN)

IEEE Communications Magazine, September 2014
K. Kerpez, J. Cioffi, G. Ginis, M. Goldburg, S. Galli, P. Silverman

Dynamic Upstream Power Back-Off for Mixtures of Vectored and Non-vectored VDSL

IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP), Florence, Italy – May 2014
M.-Y. Chen, G. Ginis, M. Mohseni

Distributed Crosstalk Management for Upstream VDSL Using Dynamic Power Control

IEEE Transactions on Communications, April 2012

M.-Y. Chen, W. Rhee, M. Mohseni, J.M. Cioffi

Compatibility of Vectored and Non-Vectored VDSL2

IEEE Conference on Information Sciences and Systems (CISS), Princeton, NJ – March 2012
K. Kerpez, J. Cioffi, S. Galli, G. Ginis, M. Goldburg, M. Mohseni

Lighting up Copper

IEEE Communications Magazine, May 2011

J.M. Cioffi


The ITU-T’s new G.vector standard proliferates 100 Mb/s DSL

IEEE Communications Magazine, October 2010

V. Oksman, H. Schenk, A. Clausen, J.ioffi, M. Mohseni, G. Ginis, C. Nuzman, J. Maes, M. Peeters, K. Fisher, P.-E. Eriksson

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