DSL Expresse®

The most advanced solution for Managing and Optimizing DSL Networks

ASSIA DSL Expresse® enables service providers to extend the rate and reach of their DSL network while maximizing service quality and minimizing maintenance costs. With over 80 million lines under management, Major telecommunications service providers throughout the world currently use ASSIA DSL Expresse software on networks of all sizes to increase Average Revenue per User (ARPU) and decrease customer care costs over 10x their investment.

ASSIA DSL Expresse is a powerful DSL management platform that incorporates all 3 Levels of Dynamic Spectrum Management (DSM):

  • Level 1 accommodates existing line conditions to achieve maximum DSL speed while ensuring line stability.
  • Level 2 includes advanced power management techniques that help achieve power savings and multi DSL technology coexistence.
  • Level 3 is designed to manage vectored DSL and reliably deliver speeds up to 200 Mbps with super vectoring and 1Gbps with G.fast.

As consumers demand ever-higher speeds and impeccable reliability, this powerful, platform-agnostic software solution offers sophisticated diagnostic and optimization features. Based on state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, these features are designed to help service providers leverage existing copper plant investments well into the future.

DSL Expresse List of Features

Key Features

  • Patent Protection: Uses a patent protected spectrum management system.  This is further enhanced by a patented vectoring management system essential for usage of G.vector and G.fast.
  • Visibility: Provides visibility and assurance for CSRs, Field Techs, Network Operations, and Marketing teams to improve the customer experience.
  • Optimization: Uses data collected by DSL Expresse to automatically improve stability and increase the rate of DSL lines for any DSL technology from any hardware vendor.
  • Diagnostics:  Sophisticated diagnostics help improve troubleshooting capabilities and reduce the number of steps required to ensure optimum service for CSR agents and field techs
  • DSL Technology Support: Support for every major DSL technology including G.fast, Vectoring, Super Vectoring, Bonding, VDSL2, VDSL, ADSL2+, ADSL2, and ADSL1.
  • Hardware Agnostic: Integration with all standards-based DSLAMs provides quick and easy access to advanced network management capabilities.

ASSIA DSL Expresse Improves DSL Network Stability

Additional Features

  • Power Management: Helps significantly reduce DSLAM energy costs without compromising speed and reliability. This popular module helps ensure the peaceful co-existence of vectored and non-vectored pairs.
  • Service Recommender: Lets operators upgrade speeds on a line-by-line basis, and analyze DSL characteristics to identify service tiers. It also allows them to predict services possible after outside plant upgrades and migration to FTTC/N/dp deployments and newer xDSL technologies.
  • Neighborhood Analysis: Expands visibility across entire communities of users to identify patterns for plant-level diagnostics and targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Advanced Diagnostics: Provide real-time performance evaluation with Web-based graphical analysis tools, including fault location (with SELT and MELT) and can pinpoint network issues and accurately identify common DSL faults, such as a missing microfilter.
  • PHY Retransmission Management: Enables the optimal roll out of PHYR or G.INP technologies into the DSL network.
  • Outside Plant Maintenance: Proactively identify the worst performing binders and cables to improve cable repair process maximizing ROI.
  • Support in ClearView®:  ClearView is a powerful expert system, provides the customer care personnel with end-to-end Access Network and in-home WiFi visibility and recommends the right next step for resolving the customer issues to call center agents or field technicians, whether the issue is related to the Access Network or in-home WiFi. DSL-Expresse analytics are utilized in ClearView to help the customer care team to troubleshoot problems related to DSL Physical-Layer.