ASSIA’s ClearView® Solution Brings Machine Learning to Customer Care Processes

Redwood City, CA — Apr 30, 2018 — Adaptive Spectrum and Signal Alignment, Incorporated (ASSIA), the market-leading supplier of broadband…

Redwood City, CA — Apr 30, 2018 — Adaptive Spectrum and Signal Alignment, Incorporated (ASSIA), the market-leading supplier of broadband and Wi-Fi management software has taken another innovative step to improve the efficiency of call centers and field technicians at leading service providers around the world. ASSIA’s ClearView® recommendation engine leverages machine learning to improve the customer care process.   ClearView® processes the performance evaluation and diagnostics analysis results available from ASSIA’s DSL/GPON Expresse® and CloudCheck® products. This allows the ClearView® recommendation engine to provide full visibility over both the broadband as well as the Wi-Fi network segments of the broadband connection.

Long troubleshooting call durations, high percentage of no-trouble found dispatches and subpar first-time resolution rate of issues that would lead to repeat complaint calls and dispatches are the main factors that reduce customer care efficiency. ASSIA has already brought substantial improvements to the customer care processes of many service providers through its ClearView® solution. ClearView® is a software solution developed specifically for helping customer care agents, field technicians and for improving the customer care efficiency. It provides the best next action for troubleshooting DSL, Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) and in-home Wi-Fi connections.


To take the improvements to the next level, machine-learning techniques are widely utilized in ClearView® to make the algorithms self-learning and self-calibrating. As the first step, ASSIA experts work closely with the customer care teams to fully integrate ClearView® into the operator’s existing processes, service management or any other workflow management platforms. Full integration of ClearView® provides the tool with the knowledge of the underlying processes as well as access to various customer care operational data, log of decisions and actions, and performance KPIs.

Over the course of deployment, machine-learning techniques are used to improve and calibrate ClearView® algorithms and the accuracy of recommendations based on past action by the tool, corresponding customer care actions and outcomes and in general, based on the observed impact on the performance and KPIs.

“Using unsupervised learning techniques allows the customer care team to identify deficiencies in the existing processes and devise improvements” said Philip Bednarz, ASSIA’s Executive Vice President of Engineering & Operations. “ASSIA is excited about the expanded use of Machine-learning across its products.  We believe our market leading customers around the world will benefit from this enhancement.”

Moreover, full integration of ClearView® in customer care processes and log of events allow operators to ensure agents’ compliance to the recommendations and processes. This allows them to monitor the performance of the customer care team and devise improvements through training or incentive programs if needed.

As with the deployment of all ASSIA management tools like CloudCheck® for Wi-Fi, DSL Expresse® and GPON Expresse®, ClearView® with Machine-learning capabilities drives up customer satisfaction in the home while reducing costs significantly for service providers.

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About ASSIA®

ASSIA is a trusted partner with the leading market share of management and optimization software solutions for global broadband and residential access networks. ASSIA’s Expresse® broadband system enables significant operational expense reduction for Internet Service Providers in the areas of subscriber care, of increased customer satisfaction, and of more connections upgrade to higher revenue-generating service tiers.  ASSIA’s ClearView® software provides both broadband access and Wi-Fi connection analysis and recommends appropriate steps to resolve problems using language that is easy to understand by call-center agents and field technicians.  ASSIA’s CloudCheck® Wi-Fi optimization software enables service providers and enterprises to deliver premium digital experiences over residential Wi-Fi networks. ASSIA has more than 100 million broadband households under contract worldwide. Thanks to the company’s product evolution and contributions to broadband standards, ASSIA is poised to help ISPs across the world as they upgrade their networks with next-generation G.Vector and G.Fast standards. For more information, visit

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