Press Resource Center

The following page is intended as a resource for editors, writers and analysts to provide additional information and resources when covering a story on ASSIA and its market leading broadband and Wi-Fi management software products.  This page is still in development but will be populated over the months to come.

You are welcome to use any of the photos, power point slides, graphics, text or logos on this page to enrich your story.  We have organized such that information near the top of the page is more generic and might apply to multiple topics.  This is followed by more specific information including related to a specific press release.

If you would like something else that appears not to be on this page or you would like to interview one of our experts and/or senior management, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

ASSIA General Press Resources

ASSIA’s Official Corporate Logo (horizontal): PNG | EPS

ASSIA’s Official Corporate Logo (vertical): PNG | EPS

Photos of Executive Staff

Feel free to use as required the photos of the executive staff

Blog Wednesday

Please use this blog in its entirety or in part of a story you are working on

Product Related Resources

The following power point slide sets can be a resource to:

  1. Help educate our press partners on our product offerings
  2. Provide bullet text for editorials
  3. Provide graphics, drawings and photos that are product or solution related

Specific Press Related Information

Below you will find specific press releases listed where we believe additional information available in the form of power point presentations, graphics, photos, Q&A, and additional ASSIA quotes that can be used.