Daniel T. Lee

Dr. Lee is a seasoned technology executive with over 30 years of management experience in the high-tech industry. He was the General Manager of eBay China Development Center, Shanghai, China where he led research and product development for the global eBay platform. Prior to eBay, he was the CTO of Yahoo! North Asia, where he led development of key services in e-commerce, mobile, communications and advertisement sites for the Asia Pacific region. Prior to Yahoo! he was with HP, where he held management positions at HP Labs and at HP Internet Imaging Operation where he led the development of imaging technology and photo hosting service. While at HP, he worked in Japan at the Advanced Telecommunications Research and at HP Labs Japan. Prior to HP he worked at IBM Research where he did research on image processing. In Standardization, he served as the Convener of JPEG Standards Committee, a position he held for 18 years. As Convener, he led the development of the highly successful JPEG family of imaging standard that has been widely adopted in the imaging industry. Dr. Lee received a BS degree from Cornell University and the MS and PhD degrees from Stanford University. He completed the Executive Development Program at Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. He has published over 70 publications and currently serves on the Advisory Committee, Information Engineering, of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.