Assia Cioffi

Ms. Assia Cioffi is a founding board member of the company, as well as the company’s namesake. Since 2003, she continues to oversee all aspects of ASSIA’s appearance, including the company logo, Web site, shareholder, investor, board, and advisory board meetings, and other company events worldwide. Ms. Cioffi created and fosters the company’s unique and beloved culture that emphasizes personal engagement, open communication among hard-working professionals, and an international, customer-focused orientation. A graduate of the École Internationale Élysées Marbeuf, Paris, Ms. Cioffi worked in a number of aesthetics positions in Paris prior to co-founding ASSIA, and in 2009 she was recognized for her contribution to and support for the Stanford University community. In 2017, she received the United States National Academy’s Einstein Society Award for her philanthropic contributions to the United States’ continued technical leadership.