Wi-Fi Alliance connects and expands home Wi-Fi

“Proliferation of Wi-Fi EasyMesh devices ensures interoperability for a multi-vendor Wi-Fi infrastructure at home. With our EQUIPE and CloudCheck product lines, we heavily invest in the future of mesh networking and are proud to contribute to Wi-Fi EasyMesh standards development in Wi-Fi Alliance.” – Tuncay Cil, Chief Strategy Officer, ASSIA

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Wi-Fi Alliance® delivers Wi-Fi 6E certification program

“Wi-Fi 6E is the best thing to happen to Wi-Fi since its inception. Wi-Fi 6E will allow enough spectrum for many neighbors’ overlapping Wi-Fi streams to broadcast simultaneously without interfering with each other. For most households this means more reliable and higher capacity connectivity without wires.” – Tuncay Cil, Chief Strategy Officer, ASSIA

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Entire companies working from home: that must represent a DSP opportunity?

The early stage of the new normal has already seen many thinkers and top managers demonstrate a readiness to address new definitions of work and, indeed, new definitions of normal. The best meme I’ve seen so far which provides a step forward in thinking is “Work is not a ‘place’. Work is output.” 

We’re not quite sure what the new normal will actually be yet, but we’re pretty sure that it’s going to involve lots more flexible and home working.

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prpl Foundation Releases Wi-Fi EasyMesh Open-Source Software

“Reliable home connectivity has become a life-essential utility, enabling remote work, remote education, and remote medicine since the beginning of the pandemic.  ASSIA has been heavily investing its resources and know-how into driving open standards for the Connected Home, with open standards organizations including the prpl Foundation.  We believe our work with prpl will help build the embedded CPE software infrastructure necessary to bring business-grade reliability to home networks at price points accessible to most Internet users.  We are also taking pride in enabling an artificial intelligence application ecosystem by building the data models and control frameworks for this vibrant group of applications.”
— Tuncay Cil, CSO ASSIA