Wi-Fi Alliance® brings Wi-Fi 6 into 6 GHz

“Wi-Fi signal location accuracy can significantly improve and open up paths for new applications. ASSIA will be actively supporting standardization and commercialization of new capabilities of 6 GHz in a vendor-neutral fashion across the Wi-Fi ecosystem.” – Tuncay Cil, ASSIA Chief Strategy Officer

Who won the Wi-Fi NOW Awards 2019? Find out here!

ASSIA and its customer TalkTalk were awarded the Wi-Fi Now 2019 Award for the “Best In-Home Wi-Fi Product.” TalkTalk’s game-changing Wi-Fi Hub uses the ASSIA CloudCheck platform to optimize internet to the home and Wi-Fi within the home. The award “honors the vendor creating the in-home Wi-Fi experience that all consumers want: Great Wi-Fi in every room of the house for all of your devices, all the time.”

New ASSIA solution ‘unlocks’ managed home Wi-Fi opportunity for ISPs

Home Wi-Fi optimisation leader ASSIA has released a ‘Commande’ service and solution to unlock the unhealthy dependencies of home ISPs on proprietary gateway hardware and software. The aim of the new solution is to allow any ISPs to deliver what every subscriber wants: Better whole-home Wi-Fi.

Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile use in-building wireless optimization

“If you took Assia out of the world today, within two weeks about 50% of 100 million homes — their connection would become unstable,” said Tuncay Cil, chief strategy officer for Assia. “We do last-mile broadband management through software that is deployed in the carriers’ networks.”

Wi-Fi Alliance® introduces Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Data Elements™

This standardized approach to Wi-Fi® performance metrics will improve the quality of service and experience for consumers. “Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Data Elements lays the groundwork for a large ecosystem of technology companies to develop new data driven applications using the information available on a Wi-Fi network.” – Tuncay Cil, Chief Strategy Officer, ASSIA.  Read Article.

ASSIA deploys service for TalkTalk

On April 3 ASSIA announced they have successfully deployed their ‘CloudCheck®’ service that “measures, manages, diagnoses, and proactively optimizes in-home Wi-Fi networks using contextual analytics and machine learning.” In contrast to its competitors ASSIA is not averse to cutting through hype and broadcasting the truth about home Wi-Fi.