Industry Research
Statistical Modeling of PLC-to-DSL Interference

IEEE Int. Symp. on Power Line Commun. (ISPLC), Austin, TX – March 2015 (Best Paper Award Winner)

S. Galli, K.J. Kerpez, H. Mariotte, F. Moulin

The Impact of PLC-to-DSL Interference on VDSL2, Vectored VDSL2 and

IEEE Int. Symp. on Power Line Commun. (ISPLC), Austin, TX – March 2015

K.J. Kerpez, S. Galli, H. Mariotte, F. Moulin



Software-Defined Access Networks (SDAN)

IEEE Communications Magazine, September 2014
K. Kerpez, J. Cioffi, G. Ginis, M. Goldburg, S. Galli, P. Silverman

Dynamic Upstream Power Back-Off for Mixtures of Vectored and Non-vectored VDSL

IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP), Florence, Italy – May 2014
M.-Y. Chen, G. Ginis, M. Mohseni

Distributed Crosstalk Management for Upstream VDSL Using Dynamic Power Control

IEEE Transactions on Communications, April 2012

M.-Y. Chen, W. Rhee, M. Mohseni, J.M. Cioffi

Compatibility of Vectored and Non-Vectored VDSL2

IEEE Conference on Information Sciences and Systems (CISS), Princeton, NJ – March 2012
K. Kerpez, J. Cioffi, S. Galli, G. Ginis, M. Goldburg, M. Mohseni

Lighting up Copper

IEEE Communications Magazine, May 2011

J.M. Cioffi


The ITU-T’s new G.vector standard proliferates 100 Mb/s DSL

IEEE Communications Magazine, October 2010

V. Oksman, H. Schenk, A. Clausen, J.ioffi, M. Mohseni, G. Ginis, C. Nuzman, J. Maes, M. Peeters, K. Fisher, P.-E. Eriksson

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