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Roadmap to Terabit DSLs (Digital Subscriber Lines to Waveguides)

ASSIA, Inc: John Cioffi Professor Emeritus, Stanford EE (CEO/COB), Ken Kerpez (Sr. Director, Standards), Chan Soo Hwang (Sr. Director R&D(, and Ioannis Kanellakopoulos (Consulting CTO)
June 2018

WiFi’s evolving role in IoT

May 11, 2017

Fixed Access Network Sharings

Kenneth J. Kerpez, John M. Cioffi, Peter J. Silverman, Bruno Cornaglia, and Gavin Young
March 2017

The effects of vectored DSL on network operations ( PDF )

Journal of Telecommunications Management
July 2010

Vectored DSL to the Rescue

OSP Magazine
April 2010

The ADSL Revolution, 10 Years In (French)

Les Echos, March 13, 2007
ADSL saw its first commercial European deployments in the Spring of 1997. Today, ADSL has become the primary means of broadband access in France, with more than 12 million subscribers…Dynamic Spectrum Management…has already begun a second youth for ADSL, offering increasing data rates, improved service quality, and expanded footprint… Page 1 >  Page 2 >