CloudCheck® Management Software Delivers Quality Residential Wi-Fi

Fixed-line broadband is most often no longer the bottleneck in delivering content and services to the home. Instead, Wi-Fi is frequently the problem as customers access more services, content, and streaming over-the-top (OTT) video across more Wi-Fi devices.  Global operators report that half of inbound technical related service calls today are due to problems in the subscriber Wi-Fi network.

The CloudCheck®  software platform by ASSIA manages and optimizes residential home Wi-Fi networks. It is the cost-effective solution that accurately addresses the underlying Wi-Fi network issues affecting subscriber Quality-of-Experience (QoE). It scales to the entire subscriber network, and seamlessly integrates with existing operator care workflows. The CloudCheck platform dramatically reduces customer-care costs.

The CloudCheck cloud-based architecture uses ASSIA’s Real-Q™ technology for accurate, real-time throughput, connectivity, and latency measurements for each device on the subscriber’s network.

With CloudCheck software and Real-Q technology, true self-healing and optimization for each Wi-Fi device in the network is now possible.

CloudCheck software provides:

  • Accurate Wi-Fi throughput, connectivity, and latency measurements without any software required on the end-user device
  • Powerful server APIs for integrating into the operator OSS/BSS systems
  • Mobile APP for field techs and subscriber self-care



  • “Real-Q” Technology. Accurate, real-time, historical, predictive Wi-Fi QoE analysis based on user context and measured performance of the Wi-Fi network. Ensures the subscriber’s Wi-Fi experience is always optimal.
  • Real-time speed test capability measures true broadband AND Wi-Fi throughput without any additional software required on the user devices.
  • “Beyond–the-Box” visibility and control. Extends operator QoE beyond the RG to the end-user device. Other solutions cannot heal Wi-Fi issues on a per device level.
  • Self-healing of the Wi-Fi network for optimizing QoE.
  • Self-care and assisted-care for subscribers, field techs and agents via a simple-to-use mobile app so that users can avoid making unnecessary service calls.
  • Software-only solution ensures compatibility with existing and future back-end systems and vendor CPEs.
  • Highly scalable cloud architecture accommodates subscriber networks of any size.
  • Flexible APIs offer capabilities and benefits to ISP operations in a highly adaptable and configurable manner. It ties to existing OSS/BSS, portals, and business intelligence systems.
  • Customizable report generation capabilities. Analytics data is accessible with a set of essential built-in reports for the operator to view, analyze, and correlate data.

The CloudCheck platform is the only solution that supports accurate, real-time, historical and user context based QoE optimization.

Users no longer have to experience gaps in service.  CloudCheck software ensures the Wi-Fi and broadband networks to the home work as advertised.