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Director, Standards and Technical Marketing at ASSIA, and Broadband Forum Technical Editor

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Best Practices for Mitigating the Effect of Uncancelled Crosstalk in Vectored VDSL2

Offering downstream bit rates in excess of 100 Mbps, Vectored VDSL2 uses state-of-art noise cancelation techniques to eliminate crosstalk between VDSL2 services operating from the same DSLAM in the same cable.

However, there also can be uncancelled crosstalk, i.e. crosstalk that vectoring is not able to cancel.  If not properly managed, uncancelled crosstalk can void the benefits of Vectored VDSL2.

The following illustration shows how uncancelled crosstalk occurs.

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The ATIS Dynamic Spectrum Management Technical Report Issue 2: A New Best-Practices Document for DSM and Vectoring

Standards evolve from best practices and industry consensus, and a new document that identifies best practices for Dynamic Spectrum Management (DSM), the ATIS Dynamic Spectrum Management Technical Report Issue 2, is an important step forward.  In most parts of the world, fixed broadband service providers have renewed their commitment to DSL and indefinitely deferred significant investment in alternative fixed technologies such as FTTH.

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