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Visibility, Quality, Efficiency: What Service Providers Gain with GPON Expresse®

Service providers are experiencing traffic patterns and service issues as a result of the almost worldwide lockdown and the working-from-home trend. Higher volumes of data traffic and different usage patterns, such as a 30% increase in uplink traffic, have made it even more important to monitor and address network issues before they impact delivery.

Impact on the Access Network Due to Work-from-Home Requirements

ASSIA has tracked data flows on different networks, and in different countries with varying isolation practices, since the beginning of the pandemic.


Following is a summary of the ways our technology supports reliability and service delivery for customers now, and in the future.

More Visibility, Less Complexity

GPON ExpresseⓇ is a copper-fiber access management platform that allows a seamless transition from managed copper (DSL/Vectoring) to fiber, using the same infrastructure. Along with the Expresse products, GPON Expresse simplifies the complexity of managing the network with a unified, software-defined solution to monitor, diagnose, and address network issues. Service providers and operators, like CenturyLink and Telefonica, trust GPON Expresse to manage their networks proactively and with proven accuracy.

Congestion, weak system configurations, or faulty lines, network performance issues can have multiple causes. Without a unified, software-defined solution to manage service quality, providers incur higher operating costs such as extra service calls, truck dispatches, and unnecessary replacement of hardware.

Unlike other solutions on the market today, GPON Expresse offers:

  1. Continuous and real-time measurement, testing, diagnostics, and analysis.
  2. AI-driven diagnostics and optimization that improve network reliability and performance.
  3. The ability to set Quality of Experience parameters to prioritize actions using aggregated, processed data.
  4. A user interface that presents data in a more user-friendly manner, making diagnosis and resolution simpler and faster.
  5. A stress-tested, scalable solution that can accommodate millions of subscribers and links.

Deliver More, Everywhere

As service providers face even more customer demand for continuity and speed, efficiency and cost control have never been more important. GPON Expresse provides ASSIA customers with a proven solution to monitor, manage, and tune their networks to deliver more to everyone, everywhere. That’s why ASSIA technology is being used to ensure the reliability of internet and home network connectivity on over 120M household connections and devices worldwide.

The next generation of broadband services is increasingly reliant on fiber-based access networks. Access networks are becoming mixtures of multiple deployment models which may include fiber-to-the-node (FTTN), fiber-to-the-distribution-point (FTTdp), fiber-to-the-basement (FTTB), and fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) architectures.

Service providers can choose how a combination of fiber and copper is deployed in neighborhoods, businesses, and homes. That flexibility, however, can lead to complexity which is why GPON Expresse was built to manage both copper and fiber access networks on the same platform. And, GPON Expresse’s ability to manage the outside plant portion of the access loop can be enhanced with CloudCheck which proactively addresses the Wi-Fi portion of the network, providing an end-to-end monitoring and management solution.

Further, ASSIA’s ability to manage new XGS-PON interfaces is a key contribution to the evolution of optical access. In light of new uses of the access network from COVID-19 work-from-home practices, this technology is even more important today than some months ago because it increases the traffic capacity (10 Gb/s versus 2.4 Gb/s) and also provides the symmetry needed to support downlink and uplink video capabilities that subscribers need.

For more information about GPON Expresse, please contact us.

Telefonica & ASSIA® Relationship Expands to CloudCheck® Wi-Fi

Telefonica and ASSIA® have worked together for years to bring reliable broadband to millions of homes throughout Latin America.  This includes the use of ASSIA’s DSL Expresse® software for diagnostics and optimization of high-speed DSL networks, GPON Expresse® software for diagnostics of GPON networks, and ClearView® software for precise network analysis and recommendations for customer care agents and field technicians.

Valued Relationship, Talented Team

Telefonica has firsthand experience working with ASSIA’s talented team who are the best in the world at diagnostics and optimization.  The ASSIA team has always highly valued the relationship with Telefonica.

Broadband in Good Shape….what about Wi-Fi?

Although ASSIA’s products helped keep Telefonica’s customers happy with reliable broadband and in return decreased Telefonica’s customer support costs, the growing demand on the Wi-Fi in the home started to become a source of many customer issues several years ago.  This resulted in Telefonica’s review of different Wi-Fi management solutions back in 2016.

Vision or Luck?

Fortunately, ASSIA’s vision of this need with operators around the world was many years before this when it started to invest in a product called CloudCheck®.   The vision, early development, experience with operators and proven expertise in this area resulted in a well architected cloud-based solution that addresses the challenges of today and just importantly the ones of tomorrow.

The Bake Off

This foundation resulted in ASSIA successfully passing many challenging tests and in-depth functionality analysis at Telefonica.   As with other operators around the world that do this type of detailed comparison of the ASSIA CloudCheck product against the other solutions on the market…. ASSIA wins.

Experience up, costs down

The CloudCheck solution is a highly scalable, big-data-analytics, and machine-learning platform that enables Telefonica call-center agents and field technicians proactively to detect and resolve subscriber Wi-Fi issues while automatically optimizing Wi-Fi performance for their subscribers. This improves Telefonica’s customer experience while also driving down support costs significantly.  With the CloudCheck product deployment and ClearView software, Telefonica now has end-to-end network visibility and management from the central office into the home.

Leveraging Existing Investments

CloudCheck is a flexible platform that provides diagnostics and optimization analysis from a variety of data sources throughout an operator’s network.   For high performance, current generation CPEs, the CloudCheck system deploys a software agent to provide the most accurate diagnostics and best performing optimizations.  For the rest of the existing investment in CPE and TR-69 based management systems, ASSIA’s CloudCheck has been developed to use data from these devices and management systems as well to provide a baseline level of functionality.

This says it all…. from Telefonica

In ASSIA’s April 9th Press Release, Eduardo de Santos, Customer Service Delivery Director, Global Network & Systems, Telefonica SA was so kind to provide the following quote:

“Telefonica is transforming its operations towards an optimal Customer Experience. In this transformation process, it is key for us to move from a network approach to a service-customer-centric focus approach; from reactive to proactive processes.  In this context, Telefonica has selected ASSIA’s CloudCheck product for Wi-Fi monitoring and optimization. The maturity of the solution, the unique approach of assessing subscriber Quality-of-Experience (QoE), the extensive expertise of ASSIA in analytics, diagnostics and optimization with products already deployed on the Telefonica network, were all key factors in this decision. Telefonica is very pleased with the current features available in the solution, especially diagnostics and optimization for band steering, support for extenders, and care recommendations for providing better service and support to clients and internal proactive maintenance policies.”

ASSIA is pleased that CloudCheck is currently under commercial deployment in several Telefonica affiliates.