Wi-Fi optimization

ASSIA Commande Maintains Home Wi-Fi Management Focus on Speed, Stable Connections, and Customer QoE

For over a decade, ASSIA has been an industry thought leader, technology innovator, and major contributor to important technology developments and standards that benefit every service provider throughout the world. Now we are committed to bringing all of the components of the diverse world of Wi-Fi management together for management and optimization.

Interoperate, Scale, and Evolve

ASSIA Commande enables service providers’ Wi-Fi management solutions to be vendor-independent and interoperate, scale, and evolve with technology and standards.

Commande’s cloud-based solutions assist service providers to steadily improve their wireless and wireline access networks’ broadband-to-the-device Quality of Experience (QoE) through artificial intelligent best-practice diagnostics, analytics, and optimization.


Commande oversees all of the systems, devices, and links that deliver home internet and Wi-Fi service :

  • Middleware
  • Software virtualization systems
  • Customer-premises gateways
  • Application devices
  • Network terminals—regardless of vendor 

And brings them together to be monitored, diagnosed, and optimized from the cloud.  

Commande leverages ASSIA’s global expertise and understanding of over 125 million access connections including Wi-Fi.  

Don’t Get Locked in by Your Middleware Choices

Wi-Fi management has become a defining factor for the delivery of internet-access services, but the industry has been fragmented by various middleware approaches that are not specifically designed to focus on Wi-Fi management. The market has seen the announcement of a variety of proprietary Wi-Fi solutions, which are difficult to deploy and scale, and lack smooth interoperability, because they are aligned with specific middleware technology and/or customer-premises products. Service providers can find themselves locked in by these suboptimal approaches. This lock-in risk increases as service providers attempt to evolve, innovate, and incorporate emerging standards such as Wi-Fi 6 and Mesh, and this is where ASSIA’s Commande initiative enters to assist these service providers.



Including ready remote access, rapid upgrades, essentially unlimited storage and computing power, and interoperation with other virtual functions

By service providers or retail original equipment manufacturers (OEM)

Simultaneous Management of Multiple Wi-Fi and Multi-AP Domains

For example, to minimize interference between domains

On-demand Scalability and Updates

With reusable “Virtual probe” software interfaces to network elements

Quality of Service Measure Collection

From which true end-customer and device quality of experience (QoE) can be learned or inferred, and used for QoE optimization

Commande offers more computational power and storage for monitoring, diagnostics, high-powered analysis, and optimization functions. In particular, large datasets can be used to correlate diagnostics across many lines or services. A cloud system can store and use long-term historical data, for example, by tracking medium-access-control (MAC) layer data rate variations over time.

The Commande Initiative

Commande is based on ASSIA’s well-established suite of products and decade of experience using AI techniques to optimize home and access internet connectivity. The initiative supports the service provider’s choice of middleware and accommodates continually emerging Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi management standards as they evolve.

Expertise and IP using AI and Machine Learning to optimize resource management (including ASSIA’s Ergodic Spectrum Management) and customer quality of experience

Broadband-to-the-Device solutions AI-driven diagnostic and optimization that improve reliability and performance of DSL and GPON networks

Cloud-based Diagnostics capabilities that streamline customer care through AI-based and machine learning-driven service recommendations to call center agents and field technicians

Intellectual Property license for ASSIA’s Wi-Fi innovations and management, which have been driving internet connectivity optimization for 10 years

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