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Enabling Wi-Fi Subscriber Care Across CPEs

ASSIA recently announced CloudCheck support for over 100 gateway/router models. Why is this important and why does it matter?

WI-FI is a Problem!
Despite the availability of high speed broadband to the home, and the adoption of high speed 5GHz Wi-Fi routers and gateways,  Wi-Fi issues in the home remain the:

  • Number one customer complaint for carriers and operators of all sizes
  • Highest cost driver for those providers

During global deployments and trials of ASSIA’s CloudCheck Wi-Fi software platform, ASSIA  found that, on average:

  • 50% of homes experience slow Wi-Fi due to broadband performance bottlenecks
  • 40% of subscriber devices never connect to the 5GHz band
  • 30% of subscribers experience coverage issues in the 5GHz band

Visibility and QoE
Service providers are committed to improving subscriber Quality-of-Experience (QoE) while reducing network operating expenses related to Wi-Fi.  Historically, operators have been unable to gain visibility and control into the home to assess the health of the subscriber Wi-Fi network, let alone trying to resolve Wi-Fi issues.  As a result, the operator care protocols often lead to costly and brute force methods such resetting the subscriber’s router and/or dispatching a field tech to address Wi-Fi related problems.

TR-069 has Limitations
Most solutions in the market for Wi-Fi management have been based on extracting CPE data via TR-069 and TR-181 based data models.  The problem with this approach starts with the inconsistent Wi-Fi and CPE data types available across various CPE vendors and models.  In addition, an effective and accurate Wi-Fi management solution based on TR-069 requires significant network infrastructure and bandwidth to support wide scale deployments across millions of subscribers

As the market leader in Wi-Fi management, ASSIA has taken a different approach in utilizing a cloud and agent architecture to achieve visibility, control, and proactive care of subscriber Wi-Fi.    A lightweight software agent resides on the CPE and gathers extensive Wi-Fi related information from the CPE in a real-time.  This data is sent to the cloud at periodic intervals for analysis and processing in order to provide historical and predictive QoE diagnostics and optimization in order to proactively improve the performance of the Wi-Fi.

Adoption of CloudCheck
Service providers around the world have been embracing ASSIA’s market leading product, and as of today, the CloudCheck® agent is currently available for CPEs which contain Broadcom, Qualcomm, Quantenna, Mediatek, and Intel Wi-FI chipsets.  Over 100 unique platforms from gateway vendors and OEM companies such as ARRIS, ADTRAN, Askey, ASUS, Arcadyan, AirTies, HITRON, Huawei, Linksys, Mitrastar, Netgear, TP-Link, Sagemcom, Technicolor, Zyxel are supported.

Since integrating a software agent on the CPE has historically been a logistically challenging process, ASSIA® has incorporated a direct-to-chipset driver agent approach, which allows access to rich CPE data while simplifying integration across the same chipset vendor.

To facilitate agent deployment across an even broader set of  CPE platforms, ASSIA has also developed a CloudCheck agent API.  The API enables CPE manufacturers to incorporate API functions into a hardware abstraction layer in order to provide CloudCheck agent support independent of Wi-Fi chipset and platform. The agent API allows CPE vendors to ensure portability and provide consistent CloudCheck® functionality across all of their platforms.

Source Code
Agent source code licenses are also available for chipset and CPE ecosystem partners that wish to incorporate the agent into their own platforms.

As the industry embraces agent-based Wi-Fi management, ASSIA is making  agent integration fast, easy, and flexible for all ecosystem partners.

Contact ASSIA to learn more about its Ecosystem Partner Program (EPP) at [email protected]

CloudCheck® Management Software Delivers Quality Residential Wi-Fi

Fixed-line broadband is most often no longer the bottleneck in delivering content and services to the home. Instead, Wi-Fi is frequently the problem as customers access more services, content, and streaming over-the-top (OTT) video across more Wi-Fi devices.  Global operators report that half of inbound technical related service calls today are due to problems in the subscriber Wi-Fi network.

The CloudCheck®  software platform by ASSIA manages and optimizes residential home Wi-Fi networks. It is the cost-effective solution that accurately addresses the underlying Wi-Fi network issues affecting subscriber Quality-of-Experience (QoE). It scales to the entire subscriber network, and seamlessly integrates with existing operator care workflows. The CloudCheck platform dramatically reduces customer-care costs.

The CloudCheck cloud-based architecture uses ASSIA’s Real-Q™ technology for accurate, real-time throughput, connectivity, and latency measurements for each device on the subscriber’s network.

With CloudCheck software and Real-Q technology, true self-healing and optimization for each Wi-Fi device in the network is now possible.

CloudCheck software provides:

  • Accurate Wi-Fi throughput, connectivity, and latency measurements without any software required on the end-user device
  • Powerful server APIs for integrating into the operator OSS/BSS systems
  • Mobile APP for field techs and subscriber self-care



  • “Real-Q” Technology. Accurate, real-time, historical, predictive Wi-Fi QoE analysis based on user context and measured performance of the Wi-Fi network. Ensures the subscriber’s Wi-Fi experience is always optimal.
  • Real-time speed test capability measures true broadband AND Wi-Fi throughput without any additional software required on the user devices.
  • “Beyond–the-Box” visibility and control. Extends operator QoE beyond the RG to the end-user device. Other solutions cannot heal Wi-Fi issues on a per device level.
  • Self-healing of the Wi-Fi network for optimizing QoE.
  • Self-care and assisted-care for subscribers, field techs and agents via a simple-to-use mobile app so that users can avoid making unnecessary service calls.
  • Software-only solution ensures compatibility with existing and future back-end systems and vendor CPEs.
  • Highly scalable cloud architecture accommodates subscriber networks of any size.
  • Flexible APIs offer capabilities and benefits to ISP operations in a highly adaptable and configurable manner. It ties to existing OSS/BSS, portals, and business intelligence systems.
  • Customizable report generation capabilities. Analytics data is accessible with a set of essential built-in reports for the operator to view, analyze, and correlate data.

The CloudCheck platform is the only solution that supports accurate, real-time, historical and user context based QoE optimization.

Users no longer have to experience gaps in service.  CloudCheck software ensures the Wi-Fi and broadband networks to the home work as advertised.